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National Diversity Council is proud to present Tech Diversity Week

T ech Diversity Week is dedicated to bringing together a diverse set of individuals within the technology industry to celebrate and advance diversity in the tech field. Over a three day period of events including panels and award ceremonies, participants will have access to key individuals in the tech industry. The occasion will serve as an opportunity to bring the brightest minds in tech together and allow them to bounce ideas off one another concerning the intersection of STEM, diversity and inclusion through Tech Talks.

Entrepreneurs will be given a platform to market their bold ideas to potential investors, while universities will be able to connect with a pool of youth who will soon become these schools’ most powerful undergraduate classes. Anyone committed to social responsibility will be right in the midst of present and future innovators who are sure to help usher the world towards a more equal and inclusive workplace.

Tech Diversity Week will be held in both Austin and Silicon Valley, and each location will host its own unique events with exclusive entertainers, speakers, and awards. The National Diversity council seeks to advance and support diversity within the technology field, and an integral part of this effort is recognizing and honoring prominent leaders in the tech community that embody and champion diversity.

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Celebrating Diversity in Technology

Scheduled Matches

Saturday Apr 2


Lorem Vs Impsum — 12pm

Ipsum vs Orci — 12pm

Pellentesque Vs ipsum — 12pm

Vivamus Vs Libero — 12pm

Convallis Vs Egestas — 12pm-12:45pm

Dapibus Vs Proin — 12pm

Nulla Vs Porttitor— 12pm

Orci Vs Dapibus — 12pm

Volutpat Vs Nulla — 12pm

Risus Vs Suscipit — 12pm

Saturday Apr 9

Lorem Vs Impsum — 12pm-12:45pm

Ipsum vs Orci — 12pm

Pellentesque Vs ipsum — 12pm

Convallis Vs Egestas — 12pm-12:45pm

Dapibus Vs Proin — 12pm-12:45pm

Nulla Vs Porttitor— 12pm-12:45pm

Volutpat Vs Nulla — 12pm

Risus Vs Suscipit — 12pm-12:45pm

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