Our Pillars

Recognizing the totality of the tech diversity issue, Tech Diversity Week strives to tackle the problem from every angle. The following represents the four spaces where our impact can be most deeply felt.




In a society where many are halted by inevitable limitations, we consider education to be the great equalizer. Our academic institutions are, without a doubt, a critical starting point in fostering balance within STEM fields. In an effort to remain consistent with the ethos of technology, we should embrace innovation, discover new ways to everage tradition and non-traditional learning centers, and instill the necessary skills to for success in under-represented communities.



We are committed to creating a shift that opens doors and shatters barriers. Our goal is to cultivate work environments that are inclusive and dynamic in order to bring the best and brightest talent to the forefront of technology development. The landscape of the technology industry continues to positively progress as we witness a number diverse individuals pave the way to success. It is critical that industry leaders value diversity and inclusion as an essential component of their organizations in order to maintain this progress.






Entrepreneurs are a great asset to our economy and should be consistently cultivated and motivated. While many entrepreneurs receive and endless amount of support, it is essential that we foster a balanced playing field for all. Creating a space for women, people of color, people with disabilities, and all underrepresented groups is paramount to the success of entrepreneurs across the nation. Minority entrepreneurs are moving to the forefront of groundbreaking development and innovation in the technology field. Investing in these commendable individuals will directly contribute to the continued success of the technology field.



Social Responsibility

The bottom line is not our only motive for success. Increasing our ability to invest back into our community holds great importance within our organization. Expanding opportunities and providing resources for those whom are less fortunate is the true measure of success. It is our responsibility as community leaders to explore the issues faced by those in minority groups and consciously put forth the effort to create change.