Disruptor: Nomination

Innovation is technology’s aim; disruption, innovation’s most powerful attribute. It turns over established norms, building entirely new markets that help bring greater value to a hungry present that yearns to shrug off yesterday’s dusty covers and fly fastly into the future. The National Diversity Council is proud to honor the individual and organizations that have disrupted their respective industry and embody this spirit most.


  • A leader in his/her organization or profession
  • Exemplary record of disruptive innovation in their field
  • Performs above and beyond the usual requirements of his or her professional capability
  • Shows commitment to diversity and community well-being
  • Displays high integrity and ethical behavior

Winner’s Requirements

  • Send bio and a photo, which needs to be in 300dpi resolution and in jpeg or gif style, to event coordinator.
  • Be present at the conference where the awards will be presented.

Call for Nominations

  • A call for nominations is sent out through email blast, and social media networks.
  • Individuals nominate award winners online or via email.

Awards Committee

  • Winners of the award are carefully chosen by the Awards Committee.
  • Considered are the individual’s accomplishments vis a vis the respective criteria.


Award winners are notified of their selection by Dennis Kennedy, Founder and Chair of the National Diversity Council, either by email or Linkedin


Disrupter Tech Award Nomination Form