Kaijen Hsiao

Kaijen Hsiao
Kaijen Hsiao
Mayfield Robotics

As the CTO of a game-changing, well-funded consumer robotics company, I’m expanding the limits of our field on a daily basis. This has been the hallmark of my career: opening up new capabilities of robotics technology, with particular attention on shared autonomous teleoperation, imitation learning, tactile grasp adjustment, human-aware navigation and, most recently, robot mapping and localization.

I’m a tech-hungry robotics champion as well as a market-focused strategist committed to building relevant, helpful products people want to use. Design credits include agricultural robots, service robots, assistive robots for people with disabilities and, most recently, companion robots for the home.

Across my career at MIT (CSAIL and Media Lab), Bosch, and Willow Garage, I have assembled, accelerated, and led robotics teams producing marketable breakthroughs that have sparked startup businesses in the US and Europe. I’ve mentored the leaders of our industry and forged lasting alliances across top universities, research institutions, and robotics companies.

A few more accolades: Robohub honored me as one of the “25 Women in Robotics You Need to Know about,” and I’ve also been honored as one of Silicon Valley Business Journal’s “Women of Influence.” I authored a chapter in the Springer Handbook of Robotics, and I’ve advised scientists, roboticists, and entrepreneurs around the world for years, in the areas of robot perception, manipulation, grasping, navigation, and localization.

The field of robotics is evolving into the mainstream market, and I’m proud to lead a company that’s defining the path forward.