Emmanuel Matthews

Emmanuel Matthews received a BS in Psychology from Northeastern University with a concentration in Business Development. Over his career he has worked in hardware, software, and internet businesses and self-identifies as a technology generalist. He began his career in SMB sales at EMC, transitioned to Global Alliance Marketing at VMWare, and worked on projects like Glass and Fiber at Google, where he currently functions as an Innovative Experience Specialist focused on new product development.

Emmanuel is a fierce advocate for diversity and inclusion both within the tech industry and out in the community, and he exerts great effort to level the playing field and create equity for those underrepresented. He’s been a pro-bono personal brand consultant for over 6 years, is an Executive Strategy Advisor for the Kappa Foundation, serves on the Advisory Board of Youth Impact Hub Oakland and the Career Development and Mentor Training Committee of East Bay College Fund, and is a Big Brothers Big Sisters Mentor.