We have a broad range of relevant tracks available to attendees of National Diversity Tech Week. Come hear from prominent professionals in the technology sector about their diversity and inclusion initiatives and strategies. You can either choose a single track for the duration of the conference or you can attend sessions in different tracks based on your interests. Regardless of which sessions your attend, be prepared to learn, listen, and leave with a toolbox of skills to take back to your organization.

Inclusion & Accessibility

Creating a sense of belonging and providing access to tech are vital components in the technology industry. Marginalized groups have been fleeing the tech industry to seek refuge from non inclusive leadership practices, workplace cultures, and atmospheres, and the tech talent pipeline is lagging in providing access and skills. The increase in employee resource groups, service learning opportunities, and mentorship programs has aided in promoting positive representation within the workplace and in the community, and in building on employee’s self-views and well-being. While diversity is necessary, inclusion and having access is essential. Highlighting systemic tools and strategies to encourage an inclusive atmosphere, this track provides insight into the importance of inclusion and accessibility.

Diverse Practices

Diversity, inclusion and retention of women and minority groups is now seen as one of the biggest challenges facing the tech industry today. Diversity within the tech industry continues to be an issue high on the agenda for leading companies around the world. The innovators, engineers, and designers have to be representative of the consumer population so that the workforce and it’s creations have an impact. This impact can be seen in many ways such as higher employee retention, increased innovation, engaging culture, greater authenticity, increased customer engagement, broader community outreach, and increased profit margin just to name a few. The goal of this track is to provide you an opportunity to learn, ask questions and gain valuable tools which you can apply to support your industry’s Diverse Practices.

Talent Acquisition & Organizational Health

A tech organization’s best chance at surviving the dynamic nature of the modern world is to match their environment. In order to cultivate this diverse workplace, the integration of Diversity and Inclusion in tech talent management is crucial to the effectiveness of attracting, developing, and retaining talent. In order to procure and retain this talent, tech organizations must possess a healthy ecosystem. A company’s ability to function effectively, to cope adequately, to change appropriately, and to grow from within requires diverse, inclusive, and tailored systemic practices of alignment, adaptivity, and implementation. The objective of this track is to provide tools to assess and strengthen your organization’s talent life cycle and foster a cohesive and strong environment.


Being a leader in the tech industry requires knowledge of the intersectionality between innovation, diversity, inclusion, technology, and business. Individuals desiring to be transformational and effective tech leaders can attend events under our leadership track to gain the knowledge and insight they need to develop the skills they need. By learning the importance of inclusive environments and emotional intelligence, those attending sessions under this track can take steps towards reaching their full leadership potential and overcoming leadership challenges.


Allies utilize their privilege and power to support the marginalized populations. They highlight the voices who have been continuously silence, ignored, and excluded. Being an actionable ally and forming effective allyships requires taking on the burden marginalized groups bear, and making intentional, positive and conscious efforts that benefit people as a whole. Explore how to challenge larger oppressive power structures and advance the culture of inclusion by becoming a more effective ally.